Move jobs to a different job group (bmod)


Use the -g option of bmod and specify a job group path to move a job or a job array from one job group to another.
bmod -g /risk_group/portfolio2/monthly 105

Moves job 105 to job group /risk_group/portfolio2/monthly.

Like bsub -g, if the job group does not exist, LSF creates it.

bmod -g cannot be combined with other bmod options. It can only operate on pending jobs. It cannot operate on running or finished jobs.

If you define LSB_MOD_ALL_JOBS=Y in lsf.conf, bmod -g can also operate on running jobs.

You can modify your own job groups and job groups that other users create under your job groups. The LSF administrator can modify job groups of all users.

You cannot move job array elements from one job group to another, only entire job arrays. If any job array elements in a job array are running, you cannot move the job array to another group. A job array can only belong to one job group at a time.

You cannot modify the job group of a job that is attached to a service class.

bhist -l shows job group modification information:

bhist -l 105
Job <105>, User <user1>, Project <default>, Job Group </risk_group>, Command <myjob>
Wed May 14 15:24:07 2009: Submitted from host <hostA>, to Queue <normal>, CWD <$HOME/lsf51/5.1/sparc-sol7-64/bin>; 
Wed May 14 15:24:10 2009: Parameters of Job are changed:
                          Job group changes to: /risk_group/portfolio2/monthly; 
Wed May 14 15:24:17 2009: Dispatched to <hostA>; 
Wed May 14 15:24:172009: Starting (Pid 8602);