Modify a job group limit (bgmod)


Run bgmod to change a job group limit.
bgmod [-L limit | -Ln] /job_group_name

-L limit changes the limit of job_group_name to the specified value. If the job group has parent job groups, the new limit cannot exceed the limits of any higher level job groups. Similarly, if the job group has child job groups, the new value must be greater than any limits on the lower-level job groups.

-Ln removes the existing job limit for the job group. If the job group has parent job groups, the job modified group automatically inherits any limits from its direct parent job group.

You must provide full group path name for the modified job group. The last component of the path is the name of the job group to be modified.

Only root, LSF administrators, or the job group creator, or the creator of the parent job groups can use bgmod to modify a job group limit.

The following command only modifies the limit of group /canada/projects/test1. It does not modify limits of /canada or/canada/projects.
bgmod -L 6 /canada/projects/test1
To modify limits of /canada or/canada/projects, you must specify the exact group name:
bgmod -L 6 /canada
bgmod -L 6 /canada/projects