Automatic job group cleanup

When an implicitly created job group becomes empty, it can be automatically deleted by LSF. Job groups that can be automatically deleted cannot:
  • Have limits that are specified including their child groups

  • Have explicitly created child job groups

  • Be attached to any SLA

Configure JOB_GROUP_CLEAN=Y in lsb.params to enable automatic job group deletion.

For example, for the following job groups:

When automatic job group deletion is enabled, LSF only deletes job groups /X/Y/Z/W and /X/Y/Z. Job group /X/Y is not deleted because it is an explicitly created job group, Job group /X is also not deleted because it has an explicitly created child job group /X/Y.

Automatic job group deletion does not delete job groups that are attached to SLA service classes. Use bgdel to manually delete job groups that are attached to SLAs.