View recent job exit information (bjobs -l)


Use bjobs -l to view job exit information for recent jobs:
bjobs -l 7265
Job <642>, User <user12>, Project <default>, Status <EXIT>, Queue <normal>, Command <perl -e "while(1){}">
Fri Nov 27 15:06:35 2012: Submitted from host <hostabc>, 
CWD <$HOME/home/lsf/lsf9.1.3.slt/9.1/linux2.4-glibc2.3-x86/bin>; 
1.0 min of hostabc
Fri Nov 27 15:07:59 2012: Started on <hostabc>, Execution Home </home/user12>, Execution CWD 
Fri Nov 27 15:09:30 2012: Exited by signal 24. The CPU time used is 84.0 seconds.
Fri Nov 27 15:09:30 2012: Completed <exit>; TERM_CPULIMIT: job killed after reaching LSF CPU usage limit.