View logged job exit information (bacct -l)


Use bacct -l to view job exit information logged to lsb.acct:
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bacct -l 328
Accounting information about jobs that are: 
  - submitted by all users.
  - accounted on all projects.
  - completed normally or exited
  - executed on all hosts.
  - submitted to all queues.
  - accounted on all service classes.
Job <328>, User <lsfadmin>, Project <default>, Status <EXIT>, Queue <normal>, 
                     Command <sleep 3600>
Thu Sep 16 15:22:09 2009: Submitted from host <hostA>, CWD <$HOME>;
Thu Sep 16 15:22:20 2009: Dispatched to 1 Task(s) on Hosts <hostA>;
                  Allocated 1 Slot(s) on Host(s) <hostA>, Effective RES_REQ 
                  <select[type== local] order[r15s:pg] >;
Thu Sep 16 15:23:21 2009: Completed <exit>; TERM_RUNLIMIT: job killed after 
                  reaching LSF run time limit
Accounting information about this job:
     Share group charged </lsfadmin>
      0.04       11             72     exit         0.0006     0K      0K
SUMMARY:      ( time unit: second ) 
 Total number of done jobs:       0      Total number of exited jobs:     1
 Total CPU time consumed:       0.0      Average CPU time consumed:     0.0
 Maximum CPU time of a job:     0.0      Minimum CPU time of a job:     0.0
 Total wait time in queues:    11.0
 Average wait time in queue:   11.0
 Maximum wait time in queue:   11.0      Minimum wait time in queue:   11.0
 Average turnaround time:        72 (seconds/job)
 Maximum turnaround time:        72      Minimum turnaround time:        72
 Average hog factor of a job:  0.00 ( cpu time / turnaround time )
 Maximum hog factor of a job:  0.00      Minimum hog factor of a job:  0.00
 Total Run time consumed:        64      Average Run time consumed:      64
 Maximum Run time of a job:      64      Minimum Run time of a job:      64...
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