Submit an interactive job


Use the bsub -I option to submit an interactive batch job.

For example:

bsub -I ls

Submits a batch interactive job which displays the output of ls at the user’s terminal.

bsub -I -q interactive -n 4,10 lsmake

<<Waiting for dispatch ...>>

This example starts Make on 4 to 10 processors and displays the output on the terminal.

A new job cannot be submitted until the interactive job is completed or terminated.

When an interactive job is submitted, a message is displayed while the job is awaiting scheduling. The bsub command stops display of output from the shell until the job completes, and no mail is sent to the user by default. A user can issue a ctrl-c at any time to terminate the job.

Interactive jobs cannot be checkpointed.

Interactive batch jobs cannot be rerunnable (bsub -r)

You can submit interactive batch jobs to rerunnable queues (RERUNNABLE=y in lsb.queues) or rerunnable application profiles (RERUNNABLE=y in lsb.applications).