Configure interactive batch job messaging

About this task

Messaging for interactive batch jobs can be specified cluster-wide or in the user environment.


  1. Enable interactive batch job messaging for all users in the cluster.
    In lsf.conf:


    LSB_INTERACT_MSG_INTVAL specifies the time interval, in seconds, in which LSF updates messages about any changes to the pending status of the job. The default interval is 60 seconds. LSB_INTERACT_MSG_INTVAL is ignored if LSB_INTERACT_MSG_ENH is not set.


  2. Enable messaging for interactive batch jobs.

    Define LSB_INTERACT_MSG_ENH and LSB_INTERACT_MSG_INTVAL as environment variables.

    Result: The user-level definition of LSB_INTERACT_MSG_ENH overrides the definition in lsf.conf.