Configure lsf.cluster.cluster_name Host section

About this task

The Host section is the only required section in lsf.cluster.cluster_name. It lists all the hosts in the cluster and gives configuration information for each host. The Host section must precede the ResourceMap section.


  1. Define the resource names as strings in the Resource section of lsf.shared.

    List any number of resources, enclosed in parentheses and separated by blanks or tabs.

    Use the RESOURCES column to associate static Boolean resources with particular hosts.

  2. Optional. To define shared resources across hosts, use the ResourceMap section.
    String resources cannot contain spaces. Static numeric and string resources both use following syntax:
    • Resource_value must be alphanumeric.

    • For dynamic numeric and string resources, use resource_name directly.


    If resources are defined in both the resource column of the Host section and the ResourceMap section, the definition in the resource column takes effect.


Begin   Host
HOSTNAME  model type server r1m  mem  swp RESOURCES  #Keywords
hostA     !     !    1      3.5  ()   ()  (mg elimres patchrev=3 owner=user1)
hostB     !     !    1      3.5  ()   ()  (specman=5 switch=1 owner=test)
hostC     !     !    1      3.5  ()   ()  (switch=2 rack=rack2_2_3 owner=test)
hostD     !     !    1      3.5  ()   ()  (switch=1 rack=rack2_2_3 owner=test)
End     Host