Configure host partition fairshare scheduling


To configure host partition fairshare, define a host partition in lsb.hosts.

Use the following format.

Begin HostPartition 
HPART_NAME = Partition1 
HOSTS = hostA hostB ~hostC 
USER_SHARES = [groupA@, 3] [groupB, 7] [default, 1] 
End HostPartition
  • A host cannot belong to multiple partitions.

  • Optional: Use the reserved host name all to configure a single partition that applies to all hosts in a cluster.

  • Optional: Use the not operator (~) to exclude hosts or host groups from the list of hosts in the host partition.

  • Hosts in a host partition cannot participate in queue-based fairshare.

    Hosts that are not included in any host partition are controlled by FCFS scheduling policy instead of fairshare scheduling policy.