File spooling for job input, output, and command files

LSF enables spooling of job input, output, and command files by creating directories and files for buffering input and output for a job. LSF removes these files when the job completes.

You can make use of file spooling when submitting jobs with the -is and -Zs options to bsub. Use similar options in bmod to modify or cancel the spool file specification for the job. Use the file spooling options if you need to modify or remove the original job input or command files before the job completes. Removing or modifying the original input file does not affect the submitted job.

The file path for spooling job input, output, and command files can contain up to 4094 characters for UNIX and Linux, or up to 255 characters for Windows, including the directory, file name, and expanded values for %J (job_ID) and %I (index_ID).

File spooling is not supported across MultiClusters.