Configure priority user fairshare

About this task

A queue is shared by key users and other users.

Priority user fairshare gives priority to important users, so their jobs override the jobs of other users. You can still use fairshare policies to balance resources among each group of users.

If two users compete for resources, and one of them is a priority user, the priority user’s job always runs first.


  1. Define a user group for priority users in lsb.users, naming it accordingly.

    For example, key_users.

  2. Configure fairshare and assign the overwhelming majority of shares to the key users:
    Begin Queue 
    QUEUE_NAME = production 
    FAIRSHARE = USER_SHARES[[key_users@, 2000] [others, 1]] 
    End Queue

    In the preceding example, key users have 2000 shares each, while other users together have only 1 share. This makes it virtually impossible for other users’ jobs to get dispatched unless none of the users in the key_users group has jobs waiting to run.

    If you want the same fairshare policy to apply to jobs from all queues, configure host partition fairshare in a similar way.