Configure chargeback fairshare


To configure chargeback fairshare, put competing users in separate user groups and assign a fair number of shares to each group.


About this task

Suppose that two departments contributed to the purchase of a large system. The engineering department contributed 70 percent of the cost, and the accounting department 30 percent. Each department wants to get their money’s worth from the system.


  1. Define 2 user groups in lsb.users, one listing all the engineers, and one listing all the accountants.
    Begin UserGroup 
    Group_Name   Group_Member 
    eng_users    (user6 user4) 
    acct_users   (user2 user5) 
    End UserGroup
  2. Configure a host partition for the host, and assign the shares appropriately.
    Begin HostPartition 
    HPART_NAME = big_servers 
    HOSTS = hostH 
    USER_SHARES = [eng_users, 7] [acct_users, 3] 
    End HostPartition