Specify a first execution host


To specify one or more hosts, host groups, or compute units as first execution host candidates, add the (!) symbol after the host name.

You can specify first execution host candidates at job submission, or in the queue definition.

Job level


  1. Use the -m option of bsub:

    bsub -n 32 -m "hostA! hostB hostgroup1! hostC" myjob

    The scheduler selects either hostA or a host defined in hostgroup1 as the first execution host, based on the job’s resource requirements and host availability.

  2. In a MultiCluster environment, insert the (!) symbol after the cluster name, as shown in the following example:

    bsub -n 2 -m "host2@cluster2! host3@cluster2" my_parallel_job

Queue level

About this task

The queue-level specification of first execution host candidates applies to all jobs submitted to the queue.


Specify the first execution host candidates in the list of hosts in the HOSTS parameter in lsb.queues:
HOSTS = hostA! hostB hostgroup1! hostC