Set up Exceed to log on the least loaded host

About this task

If you are using a PC as a desktop machine and are running an X Window server on your PC, then you can start an X session on the least loaded host.

The following steps assume you are using Exceed from Hummingbird Communications. This procedure can be used to load share any X-based application.

You can customize host selection by changing the resource requirements specified with -R "...". For example, a user could have several icons in the xterm program group: one called Best, another called Best_Sun, another Best_HP.


  1. Click the Xstart icon in the Exceed program group.
  2. Choose REXEC (TCP/IP, ...) as start method, program type is X window.
  3. Set the host to be any server host in your LSF cluster:
    lsrun -R "type==any order[cpu:mem:login]" xterm -sb -ls -display your_PC:0.0
  4. Set description to be Best.
  5. Click Install in the Xstart window.

    This installs Best as an icon in the program group you chose (for example, xterm).

    The user can now log on to the best host by clicking Best in the Xterm program group.