Events list

The following daemon operations cause mbatchd or the master LIM to call the event program to generate an event. Each LSF event is identified by a predefined number, which is passed as an argument to the event program. Events 1-9 also return the name of the host on which an event occurred.
  1. LIM goes down (detected by the master LIM). This event may also occur if LIM temporarily stops communicating to the master LIM.

  2. RES goes down (detected by the master LIM).

  3. sbatchd goes down (detected by mbatchd).

  4. A host becomes the new master host (detected by the master LIM).

  5. The master host stops being the master (detected by the master LIM).

  6. mbatchd comes up and is ready to schedule jobs (detected by mbatchd).

  7. mbatchd goes down (detected by mbatchd).

  8. mbatchd receives a reconfiguration request and is being reconfigured (detected by mbatchd).

  9. LSB_SHAREDIR becomes full (detected by mbatchd).

  10. The administrator opens a host.

  11. The administrator closes a host.

  12. The administrator opens a queue.

  13. The administrator closes a queue.

  14. mbschd goes down.