Enable event generation for custom programs

About this task

If you use a custom program to handle the LSF events, take the following steps to enable event generation.


  1. Write a custom program to interpret the arguments passed by LSF.
  2. To enable event generation, define LSF_EVENT_RECEIVER in lsf.conf. You must specify an event receiver even if your program ignores it.

    The event receiver maintains cluster-specific or changeable information that you do not want to hard-code into the event program. For example, the event receiver could be the path to a current log file, the email address of the cluster administrator, or the host to send SNMP traps to.

  3. Set LSF_EVENT_PROGRAM in lsf.conf and specify the name of your custom event program. If you name your event program genevent (genevent.exe on Windows) and place it in LSF_SERVERDIR, you can skip this step.
  4. Reconfigure the cluster with the commands lsadmin reconfig and badmin reconfig.