Configuration to modify external load indices

Configuration file

Parameter and syntax


lsf.cluster. cluster_name

Parameters section


  • Specifies the command-line arguments that are required by an elim on startup.


  • Specifies the frequency with which the LIM samples external load index information from the MELIM.


  • UNIX only. Specifies how long the MELIM waits before restarting an elim that fails to send a complete load update string.

  • The MELIM does not restart an elim that exits with ELIM_ABORT_VALUE.


  • UNIX only. Used for debugging; logs all load information received from elim executables to the MELIM log file (melim.log.host_name).


  • UNIX only. Limits the number of times an elim can be restarted.

  • You must also define either LSF_ELIM_DEBUG or LSF_ELIM_BLOCKTIME.

  • Defining this parameter prevents an ongoing restart loop in the case of a faulty elim.