Dispatch and run windows

Both dispatch and run windows are time windows that control when LSF jobs start and run.

  • Dispatch windows can be defined in lsb.hosts. Dispatch and run windows can be defined in lsb.queues.

  • Hosts can only have dispatch windows. Queues can have dispatch windows and run windows.

  • Both windows affect job starting; only run windows affect the stopping of jobs.

  • Dispatch windows define when hosts and queues are active and inactive. It does not control job submission.

  • Run windows define when jobs can and cannot run. While a run window is closed, LSF cannot start any of the jobs placed in the queue, or finish any of the jobs already running.

  • When a dispatch window closes, running jobs continue and finish, and no new jobs can be dispatched to the host or from the queue. When a run window closes, LSF suspends running jobs, but new jobs can still be submitted to the queue.