About LSF daemon startup control

Startup by users other than root (UNIX only)

On UNIX hosts, by default only root can manually start LSF daemons. To manually start LSF daemons, a user runs the commands lsadmin and badmin, which is installed as setuid root. The LSF daemon startup control feature allows you to specify a list of user accounts that are allowed to run the commands lsadmin and badmin to start LSF daemons. The list is defined in the file lsf.sudoers.

On Windows hosts, the services admin group identifies the user accounts that can start and shut down LSF daemons.
Figure 1. Default behavior (feature not enabled)
Figure 2. With LSF daemon startup control enabled

EGO administrator login bypass

If the EGO Service Controller (EGOSC) is configured to control LSF daemons, EGO is going to automatically restart the res and sbatchd daemons unless a user has manually shut them down. When manually starting a res or sbatchd daemon that EGO has not yet started, the user who invokes lsadmin or badmin is prompted to enter EGO administrator credentials. You can configure LSF to bypass this step by specifying the EGO administrator credentials in the file lsf.sudoers.

In the following illustrations, an authorized user is either a UNIX user listed in the LSF_STARTUP_USERS parameter or a Windows user with membership in the services admin group.
Figure 3. EGO administrator login bypass not enabled
Figure 4. With EGO administrator login bypass enabled




Operating system

  • UNIX hosts only within a UNIX-only or mixed UNIX/Windows cluster: Startup of LSF daemons by users other than root.

  • UNIX and Windows: EGO administrator login bypass.


  • For startup of LSF daemons by users other than root:
    • You must define both a list of users and the absolute path of the directory that contains the LSF daemon binary files.

    • The commands lsadmin and badmin must be installed as setuid root.

  • For EGO administrator login bypass, the default Admin EGO cluster administrator account must be defined.


  • Startup of LSF daemons by users other than root applies only to the following lsadmin and badmin subcommands:
    • badmin hstartup

    • lsadmin limstartup

    • lsadmin resstartup