Define condensed compute units

You can define condensed compute units to display information for its hosts as a summary for the entire group, including the slot usage for each compute unit. This is useful because it allows you to see statistics of the compute unit as a whole instead of having to add up the data yourself. This allows you to better plan the distribution of jobs submitted to the hosts and compute units in your cluster.

To define condensed compute units, add a CONDENSE column to the ComputeUnit section. Under this column, enter Y to define a condensed host group or N to define an uncondensed host group, as shown in the following:

Begin ComputeUnit
NAME    CONDENSE   MEMBER                TYPE
enclA   Y          (hostA hostB hostD)   enclosure
enclB   N          (hostC hostE)         enclosure
End HostGroup

The following commands display condensed host information:

  • bhosts

  • bhosts -w

  • bjobs

  • bjobs -w

Use bmgroup -l to see whether host groups are condensed or not.