Add cluster administrators

About this task

Primary Cluster Administrator

Required. The first cluster administrator, specified during installation. The primary LSF administrator account owns the configuration and log files. The primary LSF administrator has permission to perform clusterwide operations, change configuration files, reconfigure the cluster, and control jobs submitted by all users.

Other Cluster Administrators

Optional. Might be configured during or after installation.

Cluster administrators can perform administrative operations on all jobs and queues in the cluster. Cluster administrators have the same cluster-wide operational privileges as the primary LSF administrator except that they do not have permission to change LSF configuration files.


  1. In the ClusterAdmins section of lsf.cluster.cluster_name, specify the list of cluster administrators following ADMINISTRATORS, separated by spaces.

    You can specify user names and group names.

    The first administrator in the list is the primary LSF administrator. All others are cluster administrators.

    For example:

    Begin ClusterAdmins 
    ADMINISTRATORS = lsfadmin admin1 admin2 
    End ClusterAdmins
  2. Save your changes.
  3. Restart all LIMs for the slave LIMs to pick up the new LSF admin.
  4. Run badmin mbdrestart to restart mbatchd.