About between-host user account mapping

For clusters with different user accounts assigned to different hosts., between-host user account mapping allows you to submit a job from a local host and run the job as a different user on a remote host. There are two types of between-host user account mapping:
  • Local user account mapping—for UNIX or Windows hosts, a user can map the local user account to a different user on a remote host

  • Windows workgroup account mapping—allows LSF administrators to map all Windows workgroup users to a single Windows system account, eliminating the need to create multiple users and passwords in LSF. Users can submit and run jobs using their local user names and passwords, and LSF runs the jobs using the mapped system account name and password. With Windows workgroup account mapping, all users have the same permissions because all users map to the same Windows system account.

    Figure 1. Default behavior (feature not enabled)
    Figure 2. With local user account mapping enabled
    Figure 3. With Windows workgroup account mapping enabled




Operating system

  • UNIX hosts

  • Windows hosts

  • A mix of UNIX and Windows hosts within a single clusters

Not required for

  • A cluster with a uniform user name space

  • A mixed UNIX/Windows cluster in which user accounts have the same user name on both operating systems


  • UNIX and Windows user accounts must be valid on all hosts in the cluster and must have the correct permissions to successfully run jobs.

  • For clusters that include both UNIX and Windows hosts, you must also enable the UNIX/Windows user account mapping feature.


  • For a MultiCluster environment that has different user accounts assigned to different hosts, you must also enable the cross-cluster user account mapping feature. Do not configure between-host user account mapping if you want to use system-level mapping in a MultiCluster environment; LSF ignores system-level mapping if mapping local user mapping is also defined in .lsfhosts.

  • For Windows workgroup account mapping in a Windows workgroup environment, all jobs run using the permissions associated with the specified system account.