Customize batch command messages

About this task

LSF displays error messages when a batch command cannot communicate with mbatchd. Users see these messages when the batch command retries the connection to mbatchd.

You can customize three of these messages to provide LSF users with more detailed information and instructions.


  1. In the file lsf.conf, identify the parameter for the message that you want to customize.

    The following lists the parameters that you can use to customize messages when a batch command does not receive a response from mbatchd.

    Reason for no response from mbatchd

    Default message

    Parameter used to customize the message

    mbatchd is too busy to accept new connections or respond to client requests

    LSF is processing your request. Please wait...


    internal system connections to mbatchd fail

    Cannot connect to LSF. Please wait...


    mbatchd is down or there is no process listening at either the LSB_MBD_PORT or the LSB_QUERY_PORT

    LSF is down. Please wait...


  2. Specify a message string, or specify an empty string:
    • To specify a message string, enclose the message text in quotation marks (") as shown in the following example:

      LSB_MBD_BUSY_MSG="The mbatchd daemon is busy. Your command will retry every 5 minutes. No action required."

    • To specify an empty string, type quotation marks (") as shown in the following example:


    Whether you specify a message string or an empty string, or leave the parameter undefined, the batch command retries the connection to mbatchd at the intervals specified by the parameters LSB_API_CONNTIMEOUT and LSB_API_RECVTIMEOUT.


    Before Version 7.0, LSF displayed the following message for all three message types: "batch daemon not responding…still trying." To display the previous default message, you must define each of the three message parameters and specify "batch daemon not responding…still trying" as the message string.

  3. Save and close the lsf.conf file.