Authorization failure


Probable cause


User receives an email notification that LSF has placed a job in the USUSP state.

The job cannot run because the Windows password for the job is not registered with LSF.

The user should
  • Register the Windows password with LSF using the command lspasswd.

  • Use the bresume command to resume the suspended job.

LSF displays one of the following error messages:
  • findHostbyAddr/<proc>: Host <host>/<port> is unknown by <myhostname>

  • function: Gethostbyaddr_(<host>/<port>) failed: error

  • main: Request from unknown host <host>/<port>: error

  • function: Received request from non-LSF host <host>/<port>

The LSF daemon does not recognize host as part of the cluster. These messages can occur if you add host to the configuration files without reconfiguring all LSF daemons.

Run the following commands after adding a host to the cluster:
  • lsadmin reconfig

  • badmin mbdrestart

If the problem still occurs, the host might have multiple addresses. Match all of the host addresses to the host name by either:
  • Modifying the system hosts file (/etc/hosts). The changes affect all software programs on your system.

  • Creating an LSF hosts file (EGO_CONFDIR/hosts). Only LSF resolves the addresses to the specified host.

  • doacceptconn: getpwnam(<username>


    failed: error

  • doacceptconn: User <username> has uid <uid1> on client host <host>/<port>, uid <uid2> on RES host; assume bad user

  • authRequest: username/uid <userName>/<uid>@<host>/<port> does not exist

  • authRequest: Submitter’s name <clname>@<clhost> is different from name <lname> on this host

RES assumes that a user has the same UNIX user name and user ID on all LSF hosts. These messages occur if this assumption is violated.

If the user is allowed to use LSF for interactive remote execution, make sure the user’s account has the same user ID and user name on all LSF hosts.

  • doacceptconn: root remote execution permission denied

  • authRequest: root job submission rejected

The root user tried to execute or submit a job but LSF_ROOT_REX is not defined in lsf.conf.

To allow the root user to run jobs on a remote host, define LSF_ROOT_REX in lsf.conf.

  • resControl: operation permission denied, uid = <uid>

The user with user ID uid is not allowed to make RES control requests. By default, only the LSF administrator can make RES control requests.

To allow the root user to make RES control requests, define LSF_ROOT_REX in lsf.conf.

  • do_restartReq: Failed to get hData of host <host_name>/<host_addr>

mbatchd received a request from sbatchd on host host_name, but that host is not known to mbatchd. Either
  • The configuration file has been changed but mbatchd has not been reconfigured.

  • host_name is a client host but sbatchd is running on that host.

To reconfigure mbatchd, run the command badmin reconfig

To shut down sbatchd on host_name, run the commandbadmin hshutdown host_name