Change authentication method

About this task

During LSF installation, the authentication method is set to external authentication (eauth), which offers the highest level of security.


Set LSF_AUTH in lsf.conf.
  • For external authentication (the default), set LSF_AUTH=eauth

  • For authentication using the identd daemon, set LSF_AUTH=ident

  • For privileged port authentication, leave LSF_AUTH undefined


If you change the authentication method while LSF daemons are running, you must shut down and restart the daemons on all hosts in order to apply the changes.

When the external authentication (eauth) feature is enabled, you can also configure LSF to authenticate daemons by defining the parameter LSF_AUTH_DAEMONS in lsf.conf.

All authentication methods supported by LSF depend on the security of the root account on all hosts in the cluster.