PowerPolicy section in lsb.resources

This section is used to enable power management policy. Power policies are only enabled when configured.

A host can belong to only one PowerPolicy section. The LSF master host and master host candidates cannot be included in a PowerPolicy.

Begin PowerPolicy
   NAME = policy_name
   HOSTS = host_list
   TIME_WINDOW= time_window
   MIN_IDLE_TIME= minutes
   CYCLE_TIME= minutes
End PowerPolicy

For example:

Begin PowerPolicy
   NAME = policy_night
   HOSTS = hostGroup1 host3
   TIME_WINDOW= 23:00-8:00
   MIN_IDLE_TIME= 1800
End PowerPolicy

The PowerPolicy section defines the following parameters:

  • NAME=policy_name

    Mandatory. Unique name for the power management policy.

    You must specify this parameter to define a power policy. LSF does not automatically assign a default power policy name.

    Specify any ASCII string up to 60 characters long. You can use letters, digits, underscores (_), dashes (-), periods (.) in the name. The power policy name must be unique within the cluster.

  • HOSTS=host_list

    Where host_list is a space-separated list of the following items:

    host name
    host partition
    host group
    compute unit

    Hosts specified cannot overlap among power policies.

    Default is all hosts not included in another power policy (except master and master candidate hosts).

  • TIME_WINDOW=time_window

    This is the time period when this policy is active and should be applied to the hosts, the time window syntax should be the same as the rest of LSF. When leaving the TIME_WINDOW, hosts defined will automatically wake up. The time window is duration that power policy applies

    Default is power policy is always enabled.

  • MIN_IDLE_TIME=minutes

    This parameter only takes effect if a valid TIME_WINDOW is configured. It defines the number of minutes a host must be idle before power operations are issued for defined hosts. The default is 0 minutes.

    After a host has been idle for this period of time, it is suspended. It is applied within the TIME_WINDOW, which means if the time window is not reached, this parameter will not take effect. The idle time calculation is from the actual host idle time, even if it is outside the TIME_WINDOW. This counter gets reset when LSF restarts if:

    • The host is not running a job.
    • The host is in ok, closed_Cu_Excl, or ok_Powered state.
    • The host is not part of an active system Advance Reservation.
  • CYCLE_TIME=minutes

    The minimum time in minutes between changes in power state. The counter is changed once the host is power changed. This counter is not reset when LSF restarts

    This parameter only takes effect if a valid TIME_WINDOW is configured. It defines the minimum time in minutes between changes in power state. The default is 5 minutes. Power actions are issued regardless of recent host status changes.

    To define a timeout for power suspend and resume actions, set POWER_SUSPEND_TIMEOUT in lsb.params. If the power action does not complete in the specified time, LSF treats the operation as failed. The default value is 600 seconds (10 minutes).