Integration with provisioning systems

The power parameters in lsb.params enable cluster administrators to specify the execution commands for changing the power state of hosts. The commands used for power control actions must return 0 if the power control action succeeds and 1 if the power control action fails.

LSF does not maintain any information from third-party provisioning tools, and does not store any credentials or passwords for these provisioning systems. For xCAT, the LSF master host and all master candidates must be configured as clients of the provisioning system, including the SSL credentials shared with the master node. This allows LSF to issue rpower provisioning requests directly.

LSF provides the following example power action scripts for xCAT:

  • POWER_SUSPEND_CMD = $LSF_SERVERDIR/../../util/eass3/
  • POWER_RESUME_CMD = $LSF_SERVERDIR/../../util/eass3/
  • POWER_RESET_CMD = $LSF_SERVERDIR/../../util/eass3/