Energy policy tag format

A job’s energy policy tag identifies the energy data for a specific job. With the energy tag, LSF can decide which frequency should be used to run the job with minimal performance degradation.

The energy policy tag includes energy data such as energy usage and the run time in the default CPU frequency, the estimated energy consumption, the run time in other frequencies, and the percentage of performance degradation and power.

The energy policy tag is provided by the user in the esub parameter; its content is generated when running the job and will be used for automatically selecting a CPU frequency. The energy policy tag is saved into a MySQL database / xCat MySQL database.

It is important for each user to have their own energy policy tag for their job, since all job data may vary depending on the industry program, parameters, environment, and input data. Even the same job with the same input data from different users could get different results, depending on the parameters and environment.

The user who submits the job should keep the energy tag name unique for his or her jobs. In order to ensure the tag is unique for all the users, LSF will add the user name of the user to the tag name specified in the esub parameter.

The energy tag name format is username.tagname


  • username - the user name who generate the energy tag
  • tagname - the identifier set by the user for the job in esub parameter

Valid characters for the tagname identifier include a ~ z, A ~ Z, 0 ~ 9 and “_” and the maximum length of the name is 256 bytes.