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Slides from EPICS Training class, January 27 & 28, 2004, taught by Ron Chestnut and Dayle Kotturi

Day 1, Morning Session: January 27, 2004
Epics Overview (Bob Dalesio)
Channel Access Concepts (Bob Dalesio)
MCC Epics Setup SLAC only (Ron Chestnut)
Day 1, Afternoon Session: January 27, 2004
EPICS Display Manager (EDD/DM) SLAC only (Deb Kerstiens, Ron Chestnut)
Day 2, Morning Session: January 28, 2004
What is an EPICS Database? (Andrew Johnson)
EPICS Database II (Ned Arnold)
Record Details (Ron Chestnut, Dayle Kotturi)
Record Details 2 (Ron Chestnut, Dayle Kotturi)
Day 2, Afternoon Session: January 28, 2004
State Notation Language (SNL) (Ned Arnold)
Where to put the "C" in EPICS (Ron Chestnut, Dayle Kotturi)

Links to Other Documents:

EPICS Input/Output Controller (IOC) Application Developer's Guide

Visual DCT Users Manual

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