EPICS: VME Acromag Support at SLAC

This page is the home of the EPICS VME Acromag device support at SLAC. This site gives access to the software source code, information on other modules which are needed to install and run it, and documentation on how to include and use it in your EPICS applications. Please email any comments and bug reports to Stephanie Allison who is responsible for coordinating development and releases.

Hardware Supported

The software can drive the following types of hardware:

Where to Find it

You can download the software by anonymous ftp  from the links in the table below:
Module Version EPICS Release Filename Documentation Release Notes Known Bugs
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Installation and Building

After obtaining a copy of the distribution, it must be installed and built for use at your site. These steps only need to be performed once for the site (unless versions of the module running under different releases of EPICS and/or the other required modules are needed).
  1. Start with an existing EPICS application area and cd to the src directory.
  2. Unpacking the distribution tar file produces an <acromag> directory.
  3. The avme9210 and avme9325 code in this release still has module_types.h dependencies. We plan to remove this dependency in a future release. Your EPICS manager must modify your system's base/src/include/module_types.h to include the AVME definitions, and then rebuild iocCore. It may be necessary to remove base/src/db/O.*/iocInit.o to force a rebuild of that module. You may prefer to just rebuild all of base. The file acromag/include/module_types.h.portion contains the section of module_types.h which must be changed (analog inputs and outputs). This may involve integrating the AVME changes into any local changes to module_types.h. See acromag/include/module_types.h for an example.
  4. Add acromag to your src/Makefile and run gnumake. Check for any compilation errors.
  5. When using any acromag device in your application, you'll want to include the appropriate dev dbd files along with the normal base dbd files when building your application's database definition file. You'll also want to include the appropriate LIBOBJS files when building your application's library. There is a dbd and LIBOBJS file under each acromag directory.
  6. The base address for the 9440 card(s) is set by calling the function devAvme9440Config from your startup script. This function is to be called after the avme objects have been loaded but prior to executing iocInit(). The arguments are the number of cards, base VME A16 bus address, and base IRQ. An example script resides in acromag/cmd.
  7. Example databases reside in acromag/db.
  8. Example DM displays reside in acromag/dl.
  9. Please email  Stephanie Allison  so she can keep track of which sites are using this software.


The following documentation is available:

In Use

The avme9210 and avme9325 software was originally developed by Joe White at SLAC. The avme9440 software was originally developed by Greg Nawrocki at APS/ANL and updated by Marty Kraimer at APS/ANL. Software developed for the same hardware by others but not supported in this distribution is included for reference and possibly for a future merge: This distribution is used at the following EPICS sites:
Stephanie Allison