Channel Watcher Software Using Object Oriented Plug-Ins

Jeff Hill suggests we design the Channel Watcher software using object oriented plug-ins so installations can choose between the different features and file formats available.  If an EPICS installation chooses to use the Channel Watcher they will have to choose between the available plug-ins in the Channel Watcher's Makefile.Host.  If an EPICS installation requires a format that hasn't been implemented, such as burt, a software engineer can write a C++ class that inherits the abstract base class for that plug-in.  For example, inherits and implements the CWlogmsg class in CWlogmsgABC.hh.

Here is a nice picture of the available choices:


The following two tables list the Channel Group and Repository Formats available or planned:

Channel Group Formats /log option available /nowrite option available channel alias available macro substitution available
SLAC's save/restore V1.91 yes yes yes no
SLAC's caGet no no no no
Tim Mooney's autoSaveRestore V2.6 no no no yes
SLAC's save/restore V2.0 yes yes yes yes
Oracle yes yes yes yes


Repository Formats Supports channel access native data type Supports waveform channels Supports ENUMs as both DBR_STRING and DBR_ENUM
SLAC's save/restore V1.91 no no yes
SLAC's caPut no yes no
to Debug log yes yes yes
Tim Mooney's autoSaveRestore V2.6 no no no
SLAC's save/restore V2.0 yes yes yes
Oracle yes yes yes

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