Archive Engine

The ArchiveEngine is an EPICS ChannelAccess client. It can save any channel served by any ChannelAccess server. The most common ChannelAccess servers are EPICS IOCs (Input/Output controllers) running the EPICS database.
The ArchiveEngine provides two fundametal modes of archiving: Periodically or monitor. With periodic archiving, one sample is taken every second (or 5 seconds or 0.1 seconds...). In monitor mode, each change is archived up to a configurable limit or e.g. 0.1 seconds (faster changes are ignored).
The ArchiveEngine is configured with a text file that lists what channels to archive and how. Each given channel can have a different periodic scan rate or be archived in monitor mode (on change).
One design target was: Archive 10000 values per second, be it 1000 channels that change at 10Hz each or 10000 channels which change at 1Hz.
The ArchiveEngine saves the full information available via ChannelAccess: The value, time stamp and status as well as with control information like units, display and alarm limits, ...
The data is written to local disk files. Several retrieval tools allow you to investigate the archived data.
While running, status and configuration of the ArchiveEngine are accessible via a built-in web server.


  1. Details on operation and timing
  2. Configuration, Start and Stop the engine
  3. Online Status and Configuration Display
  4. Performance
  5. Thread Internals

ChannelArchiver Manual