CGI Export Tool

This Tool allows basic access to Channel Archiver Data  over the web: Note that the ArchiveEngine has a built-in web server. That one allows you to monitor the ArchiveEngine status and configuration, not archived data! This different issue is described in the ArchiveEngine section of the manual.


The compilation and installation is described in the setup section. The creation of web pages is described in the HTML specs on as well as in thousands of books.
From then on, few users had problems with understanding how to enter the channel name into the name field and picking the start and end times from the start and end time selector boxes (see the following screenshots).
If you follow the example setup, the test web pages should include links to the web pages mentioned below under "Usage Details". This is helpful in explaining the remaining, less obvious options for "fill" etc.

Some Examples

Channel Info Scalar Channel Plot Waveform Plot

Usage Details