The following extensions are built for EPICS R3.13.6. Some extensions are also built for R3.14.6. Unless otherwise noted, extensions are built for Solaris and Linux only. This list has only the most used extensions and is a subset of all extensions built at SLAC. The SLAC list is, in turn, a subset of the collaboration's supported extensions. Any version number followed by a "+" means that the extension is modified for SLAC.

Note 1: Built with SUN WS CC compiler on the solaris platform.
Note 2: 3.13-only.
Note 3: Built on VMS for 3.13.1.
Note 4: Solaris-only.
Note 5: Windows-only.
Note 6: 3.14-only.
Archive/Alarm Handlers
Notes User Docs Distribution Version
SLAC Contact
Alarm Handler (ALH) 2 User's Guide APS 1.2.9+ Steph Allison
Channel Watcher - Description SLAC 2.04: 3.13
2.06: 3.14
Mike Zelazny
Channel Archiver 4 2.1.8 User Manual
1.9.1 User Manual
SNS 3.13: 1.9.1+
3.14: 2.1.8+
Bob Hall
Archive Viewser 4 Documentation SNS - Bob Hall
Channel Archiver Browser 2,4 User's Guide SLAC - Bob Hall
CGIExport (for testing at SLAC) 2,4 Description SNS 1.9.1+ Judy Rock
RDB History Log and Plot 3 - SSRL - Clemens W.

Display Tools
Notes User Docs Distribution Version
SLAC Contact
Extensible Display Manager (EDM) - User's Guide SNS 1.10.1y Steph:Unix
Display Manager 2K (DM2K) 2,4 - BESSY 2.5.2 Ron Chestnut
Motif Editor & Display Manager (MEDM) 2,4 Reference Manual APS 3.0.0 Dayle Kotturi
Display Manager (DM) 1,2,4 User's Manual Deprecated - Steph Allison
StripTool - User's Guide APS 2.4.7+ Mike Zelazny

Channel Access Servers
Notes User Docs Distribution Version
SLAC Contact
Active-X Channel Access Server 5 Tools and Installation LANL 6.0 Kristi Luchini
Gateway - User's Guide APS 1.3.1+: 3.13
2.0.0B10: 3.14
Terri Lahey
SLC Database CA Server 3 Design Spec, Talk SLAC - ESD
SPEAR CAMAC CA Server 3 Paper SSRL - Harvey Rarback

Channel Access Client Tools
Notes User Docs Distribution Version
SLAC Contact
Easy Channel Access (EZCA) 2 Primer APS - Till Straumann
LabCA for Scilab and MATLAB - User's Guide (PDF) (HTML) SSRL 2.0.alpha Till Straumann
Channel Access for Java (CAJ) 4,6 API COSYLAB 1.0.2 Greg White
Java Channel Access (JCA) 4,1 API, Tutorial COSYLAB 3.13: 1.0.beta1
3.14: 2.1.5
Greg White
CA-Lite Server 3 Gets data and sends ASCII results over a socket SSRL - Clemens W.
MATLAB Channel Access (MCA) 2,4 - SNS - Bob Hall
EZCA IDL 3 User's Guide, Reference APS - Harvey Rarback
XAL - Java-based Hierarchy for App Programming API, SNS - Dayle Kotturi
CA Command Line Tools 6 CA Reference Manual APS >=3.14.6 Steph Allison
Array CA Library (EzcaScan) 2 Required for caSlac APS - Steph Allison
SLAC CA Get/Put Tools (caSlac) 2 - SLAC - Steph Allison
CA Print Record (capr) 2 Description APS (orig) - Ron Chestnut

Database Edit/Report Tools
Notes User Docs Distribution Version
SLAC Contact
Visual Database Config Tool (VDCT) User's Manual COSYLAB 2.4.1257 Debbie Rogind
Graphical Database Config Tool (GDCT) 1,2,4 User's Manual Deprecated 1.3.0 Ron Chestnut
Database Report (dbreport) 2 Description APS (orig) - Steph Allison
Macro Substitution Tool (MSI) 2 Description APS 1.4 Steph Allison

Notes User Docs Distribution Version
SLAC Contact
IOC Console (iocConsole) - Description APS (orig) - Debbie Rogind
GNU Regular Expressions Library - Syntax APS 0.12 Steph Allison

Supporting Packages

The following packages are NOT installed as EPICS extensions but are either used by some extensions at compile or run time or are EPICS host tools that are installed elsewhere.

Notes User Docs Distribution Version
SLAC Contact
Common Message Logger (CMLOG) - Programmer's Guide JLAB 2.1.B1+ Ron MacKenzie:Solaris
Dayle Kotturi:Linux
Command Server (cmdSrv) 4 Description SLAC - Ron Mackenzie
IRMIS - Primer SLAC 1.2+SLAC mods Judy Rock
PV Universal Database (PVU) - - SLAC - Judy Rock
Scientific Math Tools
Scilab - Documentation Scilab 2.7 Till Straumann
MATLAB - Documentation MathWorks 13, 14 Bob Boeninger
Relational Databases
Oracle Database - - Oracle ? SCS
Oracle RDB 3 - Oracle ? Alan Winston
State Notation Compiler (SNC)
(installed in site)
- User's Guide SLAC 1.9.6: 3.13
2.0.8: 3.14
Mike Laznovsky
Java - - - 1.3: 3.13
1.4.2: 3.14
Perl - Documentation - 5.6.1 SCS
Tcl/Tk - - - 8.0 SCS
Python - Documentation - 2.2.2 SCS
PHP 3 Manual - ? Alan Winston
Language Extensions
BLT Tk Extension - - - 2.4 SCS
Python Megawidgets - Documentation SourceForge 0.8.4 Bob Hall
Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator (SWIG) - Programmer's Guide SWIG 1.1-883 Bob Hall
Graphics Packages
Netpbm Graphics - Documentation SourceForge 10.11 SCS
xgrabsc Screen Capture Program 4 Description FSF 1.16+ Ron Chestnut
Chimera Browser 4 Documentation Chimera 2.0a9 Jingchen Zhou

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