R3.14.6 Release

Documentation for Base

Base resides in /afs/slac/package/epics/R3.14.6/base.

Documentation for Site and Apps

Site resides in /afs/slac/package/epics/R3.14.6/site.

Documentation for Extensions

Extensions resides in /afs/slac/package/epics/R3.14.6/extensions.

Setup for Testing R3.14.6

For both Solaris and Linux, start with the minimal setup provided by SCS (/usr/local/bin/environ).

Build Details

Before building, first set the minimal setup provided by SCS (/usr/local/bin/environ). Then set the following environment variable:
setenv EPICS_HOST_ARCH <solaris-sparc-gnu, solaris-sparc, or linux-x86>

The build is done on public machines at SLAC. The Solaris 8 build is done on shire and the RHEL 3 build is done on noric-new. The /afs/slac/package/epics/R3.14.6 area is built non-shareable. The SPEAR area is built shareable.

Tool Version Required Version Used
GNU make 3.78.1 or later GNU make version 3.79.1
GNU gcc compiler n/a linux-x86: GNU gcc version 3.2.3
solaris-sparc-gnu: GNU gcc version 3.1.1
Perl 5.0 or later Perl version 5.6.1
VxWorks Tornado 2.0 Tornado 2.0.2: 68040, 68060, ppc604_long
RTEMS 4.6.0 or later 4.6.2: ppc svgm
Solaris 6 or 8 SunOS 5.8
Linux-x86 n/a RHEL 3
SunWS CC Compiler n/a SunWS 6 update 1

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Last modified: Feb 11, 2005