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class TGCompositeFrame : public TGFrame

TGCompositeFrame TGCompositeFrame(const TGWindow* p, UInt_t w, UInt_t h, UInt_t options = 0, ULong_t back = GetDefaultFrameBackground()) TGCompositeFrame TGCompositeFrame(TGClient* c, Window_t id, const TGWindow* parent = 0) TGCompositeFrame TGCompositeFrame(TGCompositeFrame&) virtual void ~TGCompositeFrame() virtual void AddFrame(TGFrame* f, TGLayoutHints* l = 0) virtual void ChangeOptions(UInt_t options) static TClass* Class() virtual UInt_t GetDefaultHeight() const virtual TGDimension GetDefaultSize() const virtual UInt_t GetDefaultWidth() const TGLayoutManager* GetLayoutManager() const TList* GetList() Int_t GetState(TGFrame* f) const virtual Bool_t HandleButton(Event_t*) virtual Bool_t HandleCrossing(Event_t*) virtual Bool_t HandleDoubleClick(Event_t*) virtual Bool_t HandleFocusChange(Event_t*) virtual Bool_t HandleKey(Event_t*) virtual Bool_t HandleMotion(Event_t*) virtual Bool_t HandleSelection(Event_t*) void HideFrame(TGFrame* f) virtual TClass* IsA() const Bool_t IsArranged(TGFrame* f) const Bool_t IsArranged(TGFrameElement* ptr) const Bool_t IsVisible(TGFrame* f) const Bool_t IsVisible(TGFrameElement* ptr) const virtual void Layout() virtual void MapSubwindows() virtual Bool_t ProcessMessage(Long_t, Long_t, Long_t) void RemoveFrame(TGFrame* f) void SetLayoutManager(TGLayoutManager* l) void ShowFrame(TGFrame* f) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

TGLayoutManager* fLayoutManager layout manager protected:
TList* fList container of frame elements static TGLayoutHints* fgDefaultHints default hints used by AddFrame()

See also

TGComboBox, TGComboBoxPopup, TGGroupFrame, TGHorizontalFrame, TGLBContainer, TGLVContainer, TGListBox, TGMainFrame, TGShutter, TGTab, TGToolBar, TGToolTip, TGVerticalFrame, TGView, TGViewFrame, TGViewPort

Class Description

 TGFrame, TGCompositeFrame, TGVerticalFrame, TGHorizontalFrame,       
 TGMainFrame, TGTransientFrame and TGGroupFrame                       
 The frame classes describe the different "dressed" GUI windows.      
 The TGFrame class is a subclasses of TGWindow, and is used as base   
 class for some simple widgets (buttons, labels, etc.).               
 It provides:                                                         
  - position & dimension fields                                       
  - an 'options' attribute (see constant above)                       
  - a generic event handler                                           
  - a generic layout mechanism                                        
  - a generic border                                                  
 The TGCompositeFrame class is the base class for composite widgets   
 (menu bars, list boxes, etc.).                                       
 It provides:                                                         
  - a layout manager                                                  
  - a frame container (TList *)                                       
 The TGVerticalFrame and TGHorizontalFrame are composite frame that   
 layout their cildren in vertical or horizontal way.                  
 The TGMainFrame class defines top level windows that interact with   
 the system Window Manager.                                           
 The TGTransientFrame class defines transient windows that typically  
 are used for dialogs windows.                                        
 The TGGroupFrame is a composite frame with a border and a title.     
 It is typically used to group a number of logically related widgets  
 visually together.                                                   



TGCompositeFrame(const TGWindow *p, UInt_t w, UInt_t h, UInt_t options, ULong_t back) : TGFrame(p, w, h, options, back)
 Create a composite frame. A composite frame has in addition to a TGFrame
 also a layout manager and a list of child frames.

TGCompositeFrame(TGClient *c, Window_t id, const TGWindow *parent) : TGFrame(c, id, parent)
 Create a frame using an externally created window. For example
 to register the root window (called by TGClient), or a window
 created via TVirtualX::InitWindow() (id is obtained with TVirtualX::GetWindowID()).

 Delete a composite frame.

void SetLayoutManager(TGLayoutManager *l)
 Set the layout manager for the composite frame.
 The layout manager is adopted by the frame and will be deleted
 by the frame.

void ChangeOptions(UInt_t options)
 Change composite frame options. Options is an OR of the EFrameTypes.

void AddFrame(TGFrame *f, TGLayoutHints *l)
 Add frame to the composite frame using the specified layout hints.
 If no hints are specified default hints TGLayoutHints(kLHintsNormal,0,0,0,0)
 will be used. Most of the time, however, you will want to provide
 specific hints. User specified hints can be reused many times
 and need to be destoyed by the user.

void RemoveFrame(TGFrame *f)
 Remove frame from composite frame.

void MapSubwindows()
 Map all sub windows that are part of the composite frame.

void HideFrame(TGFrame *f)
 Hide sub frame.

void ShowFrame(TGFrame *f)
 Show sub frame.

Int_t GetState(TGFrame *f) const
 Get state of sub frame.

Bool_t IsVisible(TGFrame *f) const
 Get state of sub frame.

Bool_t IsArranged(TGFrame *f) const
 Get state of sub frame.

void Layout()
 Layout the elements of the composite frame.

Inline Functions

                  UInt_t GetDefaultWidth() const
                  UInt_t GetDefaultHeight() const
             TGDimension GetDefaultSize() const
                  Bool_t HandleButton(Event_t*)
                  Bool_t HandleDoubleClick(Event_t*)
                  Bool_t HandleCrossing(Event_t*)
                  Bool_t HandleMotion(Event_t*)
                  Bool_t HandleKey(Event_t*)
                  Bool_t HandleFocusChange(Event_t*)
                  Bool_t HandleSelection(Event_t*)
                  Bool_t ProcessMessage(Long_t, Long_t, Long_t)
        TGLayoutManager* GetLayoutManager() const
                  Bool_t IsVisible(TGFrameElement* ptr) const
                  Bool_t IsArranged(TGFrameElement* ptr) const
                  TList* GetList()
                 TClass* Class()
                 TClass* IsA() const
                    void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                    void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
                    void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
        TGCompositeFrame TGCompositeFrame(TGCompositeFrame&)

Author: Fons Rademakers 03/01/98
Last update: root/gui:$Name: $:$Id: TGFrame.cxx,v 1.14 2001/06/27 16:13:22 rdm Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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