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class TAttParticle : public TNamed

TAttParticle TAttParticle() TAttParticle TAttParticle(const char* name, const char* title, Double_t Mass, Bool_t Stable, Double_t DecayWidth, Double_t Charge, const char* Type, Int_t MCnumber, Int_t granularity = 90, Double_t LowerCutOff = 1.e-5, Double_t HighCutOff = 1.e4) TAttParticle TAttParticle(TAttParticle&) virtual void ~TAttParticle() TClass* Class() Int_t ConvertISAtoPDG(Int_t isaNumber) void DefinePDG() virtual Double_t GetCharge() virtual Double_t GetDecayWidth() virtual Double_t GetEnergyCut() virtual Double_t GetEnergyLimit() virtual Double_t GetGranularity() virtual Double_t GetMass() virtual Int_t GetMCNumber() TAttParticle* GetParticle(const char* name) TAttParticle* GetParticle(Int_t mcnumber) virtual const char* GetParticleType() const virtual Bool_t GetStable() virtual TClass* IsA() const virtual void Print(Option_t* option) virtual Double_t SampleMass() virtual Double_t SampleMass(Double_t widthcut) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

Double_t fPDGMass Mass of the particle in GeV/c2 Bool_t fPDGStable Logical indicator, if TRUE the particle can not decay Double_t fPDGDecayWidth Life time of the particle in sec. Double_t fPDGCharge Charge of the particle in units of e TString fParticleType Text indicator for the particle family Int_t fMCnumberOfPDG PDG MC number followed by Double_t fEnergyCut Lower energy cut off, the default is 10 keV Double_t fEnergyLimit High energy cut off, the default is 10 TeV Double_t fGranularity Granularity of the fLogEScale public:
static THashList* fgList

Class Description

 Particle definition, partly based on GEANT3 particle definition      

  Particle definition default constructor

TAttParticle(const char *name, const char *title, Double_t Mass, Bool_t Stable, Double_t DecayWidth, Double_t Charge, const char *Type, Int_t MCnumber, Int_t granularity, Double_t LowerCutOff, Double_t HighCutOff) : TNamed(name,title)
  Particle definition normal constructor. If the particle is set to be
  stable, the decay width parameter does have no meaning and can be set to
  any value. The parameters granularity, LowerCutOff and HighCutOff are
  used for the construction of the mean free path look up tables. The
  granularity will be the number of logwise energy points for which the
  mean free path will be calculated.

  Particle destructor

Int_t ConvertISAtoPDG(Int_t isaNumber)
  Converts the ISAJET Particle number into the PDG MC number

void DefinePDG()
  Defines particles according to the Particle Data Group

  For questions regarding distribution or content of the MC particle
  codes, contact
  Gary Wagman (GSWagman@LBL.BITNET, LBL::GSWagman, or GSWagman@LBL.GOV).

TAttParticle* GetParticle(const char *name)
  Get a pointer to the particle object according to the name given

TAttParticle* GetParticle(Int_t mcnumber)
  Get a pointer to the particle object according to the MC code number

void Print(Option_t *)
  Print the entire information of this kind of particle

Double_t SampleMass()
  Samples a mass according to the Breit-Wigner resonance distribution

Double_t SampleMass(Double_t widthcut)
  Samples a mass in the interval:

  fPDGMass-widthcut*fPDGDecayWidtht - fPDGMass+widthcut*fPDGDecayWidth

  according to the Breit-Wigner resonance distribution

Inline Functions

            Double_t GetCharge()
            Double_t GetEnergyCut()
            Double_t GetEnergyLimit()
            Double_t GetGranularity()
            Double_t GetDecayWidth()
            Double_t GetMass()
               Int_t GetMCNumber()
         const char* GetParticleType() const
              Bool_t GetStable()
             TClass* Class()
             TClass* IsA() const
                void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
        TAttParticle TAttParticle(TAttParticle&)

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