UNIX Related Information

SLAC 18 Apr 1996


This is a compilation of links to other information of interest to the SLAC UNIX Community.

Tip Sheets and FAQs+

+(Frequently Asked Questions)
Tom Pavel's personal tips
Tom's tips on setting up emacs, keyboards, and the C shell.

Product Usage

Elm Information Pages
A compendium of information about Elm and pointers to FAQs, sources, etc.

System Administration Info

How to Use UNIX M (Maintenance) Accounts*
A document by Ilse Vinson for those who are installing public applications on UNIX and those who want to find out about aspects of the process.
How to Manage a Workstation at SLAC*
by Tom Pavel, targeted for those who don't run "tailor" as the SCS-managed workstations do. Has useful conceptual information, even for those who do.

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