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RHEL6 Build Servers Now Available

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Updated: 19 Oct 2011

We have added two RHEL6 build servers to our LSF build batch queues, bldlnx03 and bldlnx04. Each are available in the LSF queue buildq.

Build ServerOS
"bldlnx03" 32-bit RHEL6
"bldlnx04" 64-bit RHEL6

$ lshosts -R "blds&&rhel60"
HOST_NAME      type    model  cpuf ncpus maxmem maxswp server RESOURCES
bldlnx03      LINUX INTEL_29  14.6     4  7990M 31999M    Yes (blds linux linux32 rhel60 bldlnx)
bldlnx04      LINUX INTEL_29  14.6     8  7870M 31999M    Yes (blds linux linux64 rhel60 bldlnx)

To submit jobs to the RHEL6 build servers please use the "bsub -R" option.

For example to submit a job to a 32 bit RHEL6 server:

bsub -q buildq -R "rhel60&&linux32" <job_script>

Please send any questions or report any problems to unix-admin.

Neal Adams