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LSF 9.1 Available for Testing

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Updated: 10 May 2013

LSF 9.1 is available for testing. It has a limited number of test systems available, but it is open to all users.

Submitting jobs:

  • To submit non-mpi jobs,
    • login to kele0001
    • change your path to include /afs/slac/package/lsf/test/bin before /usr/local/bin
    • To submit a job to run in the default queue:
      bsub <job_script>
      You can only submit lsf 9.1 jobs from this system.

  • To submit mpi jobs,
    • login to bullet0017
    • You do not need to change your path in this case, it will be set for you.
    • The queue for mpi jobs is mpitest. To submit a job:
      bsub -q mpitest -n <num-cores-needed> <mpi-command> <job_script>
      The mpi command should be one of the commands that comes with the mpi utility, like mpirun or mpiexec. The production method of running mpi jobs with the mympirun wrapper is no longer needed. You can only run lsf 9.1 jobs from bullet0017.

Available queues:

  • There are two queues,
           1. keleqtest - contains 9 rhel5 systems each with 4 cores, this is the queue you will get if you 
                don't specify any queue on the bsub command.
           2. mpitest- contains 4 rhel6 systems each with 16 cores, meant for mpi jobs, but can also run regular jobs.  

Path to LSF 9.1:

The 9.1 batch commands are available on linux systems at
To be able to invoke the 9.1 commands without specifying the full path each time, it would be simplest to change your path to put their location before that of /usr/local/bin, e.g. if your shell is tcsh, you might enter:
        set path=(/afs/slac/package/lsf/test/bin  $path) 
Or put the following in your .cshrc (or the equivalent code for your shell):
  if( `hostname` == kele0001 ) then
     set path=(/afs/slac/package/lsf/test/bin  $path)


The documentation for 9.1 is available only from within the SLAC web here.

Things to note:

  • To verify that you are accessing the 9.1 environment, you should see the following in response to the lsid command run on kele0001. Note the reference to LSF 9.1 and the cluster and master have "test" in their name:
      renata@kele0001 $ 10:03 lsid
      IBM Platform LSF Standard 9.1, Nov 29 2012
      Copyright International Business Machines Corp, 1992-2012.
      US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
      My cluster name is slactest
      My master name is farmtest
  • If you do not place the location of the 9.1 binaries in your path before /usr/local/bin, you will get the 6.1 binaries and bsub will fail with the message "bsub wrapper exiting".
  • Please send any questions to unix-admin.
Renata Dart