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Partial Scientific Computing Power Outage

Sep 7 - 10, 2012

SLAC Computing
Linux at SLAC
Updated: 05 Sep 2012

There will be a partial scientific computing outage starting:
5:30 PM, Friday Sep 7, 2012, through
11:00 AM Monday morning Sep 10, 2012, PDT.

This power outage is for two transformer replacements for Substation 7 for the RSB project and computing building 50.

Service affected include:

LSF Batch Compute Farms (partial)
Simes Cluster
Martinez Fire Cluster
SUNCAT Cluster
LTDA Cluster (partial)
Business Services (partial)
Fermi (partial)
Interactive Login (partial)
Unix File Servers (partial)

The number of available LSF batch server job slots will be reduced for the duration of the substation outage. Only the kiso, dole and hequ machines will remain available during the weekend to the LSF batch farm general queues (short, medium, long, xlong and xxl).

To prepare for this outage we removed the machines directly affected by the outage from the longer LSF queues (i.e. xlong, xxl queues) on Tuesday 4 Sep 2012. These queues will remain available but with reduced job slot capacity until after the completion of the outage.

The complete lists of servers and NFS space that will be down are here:

If you have additional questions about services, please send email to unix-admin.

Karl Amrhein