Node: _________________

                                                                                                            User: _________________

                                                                                                            Date: _________________



Linux Installation Checklist



Pre-Installation Issues to Discuss with User


˙ Query Cando for system’s listed Sys. Admin and Primary User.


˙ Contact listed users to discuss installation issues such as the effects of taylor, disk partitioning, and root privileges. Recommend that no root password be given. If root privileges are necessary, recommend granting SUDO privileges. If SUDO is not acceptable to the user, inform user of implications associated with granting users root privileges.


˙ Send a support guidelines letter to user.


˙ Discuss disk partitioning scheme with user. Make sure user will backup any personal data located on primary disk.



System Configuration:


Determine what version of Linux user needs. Will use compile code? __


Does user want an “X Login” or “text login?” __


Determine Hardware Configuration


Node Name / IP / Gateway: ___________________________________________


Model: __________________


Monitor (Model / Resolution / Refresh Rate): ______________________________


NIC (Model / Network Media Settings): __________________________________


Hard Disks (SCSI? / Partitioning / Raid Arrays?): __________________________


Video Card (Model / Memory): _____________________________


Sound Card: ________________________





Installation Procedures:


˙ Check to see that user has backed up data on primary disk


˙ Backup /etc (optional)


˙ Have latest boot image ready: /afs/slac/packages/RedHat/RedHat7.2/i386/images/


Initiate network installation


˙ Choose the NFS method of installation:
NFS Server: afsnfs2
Location: /afs/slac/package/RedHat/RedHat7.2/i386


Can’t mount? Try


Still can’t mount? Check network connectivity. Check if NIC drivers have been loaded, and make sure you have the latest Red Hat boot image. Last resort use PCI 3C905 nic to install system, then switch back to onboard nic after installation has been completed.


˙ Do you have a proper partitioning scheme?


˙ Select video (do not probe)


Computer reboots


˙ Run X windows

˙ Run sndconfig


˙ Modify taylor.opts with proper workgroup parameter


˙ Check root password complexity before setting.


Run taylor: lynx –dump http://www/comp/unix/linux/go-taylor | sh




˙ Test AFS login and general system functionality.


˙ If user is not available upon completion of installation, send user a confirmation letter stating the status of the system and any modifications that were made.


Laptop installations:


-Dual-boot on laptop systems is strongly discouraged.
-Some laptop graphics chipsets may require a 3rd party xfree driver. Try this site for hints and tips:

-Maintech recommends installing from SLAC NFS image.

-If using docking-station, enable dock function in bios.

-Beware of profile type issues with docking stations.

-No SSHD or other daemons should not be installed. As laptops are usually used on the visitor network, SSHD and other daemons are exposed to direct attacks from the internet. SSHD can be easily compromised.