Below are the Linux FAQs we at BaBar desktop support have compiled over the last few weeks.

Michael Di Salvo

Babar desktop support




Question: After completing the Linux installation.,  it stops at NIS not found?
Possible Solutions:
     1) For RedHat 7.1, make sure there is NO FIREWALL set while installation,.
     2) Check IP / Network Mask/ Gateway/ DNS/ and NIS address by logging on using run level 1 ( Linux 1) and type netconf and also check the file /etc/hosts , making sure the IP and hostname are correct.

Question: How can I be the super user after the machine got tailored?
 Possible Solutions:
        1)      Check this link <>

Question:  How can I check my email using pine from Unix mail spool?
Possible Solutions:
        1)      Get access to SLAC's central NFS fileservers. <>

Question:  How can I check email from Exchange Server using Pine?
Possible Solutions:
        1)      <>

Question: Cannot able to contact the afsnfs2 server while installation?
Possible Solutions:
      1) Your system may be one of the new lines of Dells. Try RH7.1, it should work.
        2)      Type in the server IP address, instead of afsnfs2
        3)      Check your host IP / network mask / gateway address

Question: How can I get my zip drive working after RH6.2 installation?
Possible Solutions:
        1)      RH7.1 should work.
        2)      First off, it can be helpful on older Zip drives and computers to have a Zip disk in the drive during boot up to ensure proper detection. After booting, login as root . Next, create a mount point for the drive by typing: mkdir /mnt/zip. Determine the device name by typing this command: dmesg less . Look through the output for the "Detected Removable IDE/ATAPI disk hdx at..." label near the zip entry (x is the Zip drive letter like hda or hdb). Mount the Zip drive on the mount point by typing: mount /dev/hdx /mnt/zip . At this point you may copy files to and from the Zip drive as usual. To switch disks simply unmount the Zip drive by typing: umount /mnt/zip Put in another disk and mount the drive as you did before.

Question:  Backspace key doesn't work after running taylor?
Possible Solutions:
1)      <>
2)      Rerun Xconfigurator

Question:  Cannot find IP hosts after installation?
Possible Solutions:
        1)      Check the /etc/hosts file, key in the IP address and the hostname

Question: My Intel I810 video card doesn't work with RH6.2 ?
Possible Solutions:
        1)      RH7.1 should work
       2) mkdir -p /mnt/afs/  
           mount afsnfs2:/afs/ /mnt/afs/
            ln -s /mnt/afs /afs 
           cd /afs/ 
           cp *.rpm /tmp 
           cd /tmp
           rpm --recompile I810Gtt-0.2-SLAC_4.src.rpm  
           rpm -Uvh XFCom_i810-1.2-SLAC_3.i386.rpm 
           cd /etc/X11
            vi XF86Config
           Add the following device section to our XF86Config file.
      Section "Device"
               Identifier "i810"
       Replace the Video Device in SVGA Screen Section to i810

      Section "Screen"
          Driver "svga"
          Device "i810"

PS: should run this before running taylor.

Question:  My PC hangs when the screensaver run using Permedia2 driver under RH7.1
Possible Solutions:
        1)      This appears to be a known problem with this particular driver under 7.1, the only solution I've found is to turn off the screensaver.

Question: No one can able to log on to my linux box.
Possible Solutions:
        1)      the clock may has been changed, run linuxconf and change the date/time to the correct settings.
        2)      Check the network tap and see if it's active
Question:  I can't log on to my Linux box, but everyone else can.
Possible Solutions:
        1) You may have used up your AFS space, run fs lq ~username to check and remove some of your files.
      2) Clear out your .Xauthority file.
        3)      Double check the password you key in.