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Reading Digests

A digest is one or more mail messages encapsulated in a single message.

VM supports digests by providing a command to "burst" them into their individual messages. These messages can then be handled like any other messages under VM.

The command * (vm-burst-digest) bursts a digest into its individual messages and appends them to current folder. These messages are then assimilated into the current folder using the default grouping. See section Grouping Messages. The original digest message is not altered, and the messages extracted from it are not part of the on-disk copy of the folder until a save is done.

If you give a prefix argument to vm-burst-digest, it will attempt to cope with non-RFC 934 compliant digests. If vm-burst-digest seems to be breaking digests at inappropriate places, most likely the digest is not compliant with the standard. In this case try using the prefix arg.

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