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Grouping Messages

In order to make numerous related messages easier to cope with, VM provides the command G (vm-group-messages), which groups all message in a folder according to some criterion. Grouping causes messages that are related in some way to be presented consecutively. The actual order of the folder is not altered; the messages are simply numbered and presented differently. Grouping should not be confused with sorting; grouping only moves messages that occur later in the folder backward to "clump" with other related messages.

The grouping criteria currently supported are:

Messages with the same subject (ignoring "Re:" prefixes) are grouped together.
Messages with the same author are grouped together.
Message with the same recipients are grouped together.
Messages sent on the same day are grouped together.
Message presentation reverts to physical message order of the folder (the default).

If the variable vm-group-by has a non-nil value it specifies the default grouping that will be used for all folders. So if you like having your mail presented to you grouped by subject, then put (setq vm-group-by "subject") in your `.emacs' file to get this behavior.

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