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Editing Messages

To edit a message, type e (vm-edit-message). The current message is copied into a temporary buffer, and this buffer is selected for editing. The major mode of this buffer is controlled by the variable vm-edit-message-mode. The default is Text mode.

Use C-c ESC (vm-edit-message-end) when you have finished editing the message. The message will be inserted into its folder, replacing the old version of the message. If you want to quit the edit without your edited version replacing the original, use C-c C-] (vm-edit-message-abort), or you can just kill the edit buffer with C-x k (kill-buffer).

If you give a prefix argument to vm-edit-message, then the current message will be flagged unedited.

As with VM `*mail*' buffers, all VM commands can be accessed from the edit buffer through the command prefix C-c C-v.

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