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How to Obtain TeX

TeX is freely redistributable. You can obtain TeX for Unix systems from the University of Washington for a distribution fee.

To order a full distribution, send $200.00 for a 1/2-inch 9-track 1600 bpi (tar or cpio) tape reel, or $210.00 for a 1/4-inch 4-track QIC-24 (tar or cpio) cartridge, to:

Northwest Computing Support Center
DR-10, Thomson Hall 35
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195

Please make checks payable to the University of Washington.

Prepaid orders are preferred but purchase orders are acceptable; however, purchase orders carry an extra charge of $10.00, to pay for processing.

Overseas sites: please add to the base cost $20.00 for shipment via air parcel post, or $30.00 for shipment via courier.

Please check with the Northwest Computing Support Center at the University of Washington for current prices and formats:

telephone:  (206) 543-6259
email:      elisabet@u.washington.edu

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