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The Startup File

Each user who reads news has a file called the startup file which records which groups he or she subscribes to and which articles have been read.

GNUS actually uses two startup files that contain the same information. The raw startup file, named `~/.newsrc', is the master copy of the information; this is the same file that other news readers use, and it is kept in the standard format. The quick startup file contains the same information in a format convenient for Lisp to read. GNUS automatically updates the quick startup file from the raw startup file whenever the latter is newer; but normally it saves time by reading only the quick startup file.

These commands in Group mode operate on the startup files:

Restart GNUS, using the raw startup file instead of the quick one, and get newly arrived articles (gnus-group-restart).

Update both startup files based on changes you have made in the Newsgroups buffer (gnus-group-force-update).

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