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Article Commands

GNUS displays one article at a time, in a buffer called the Article buffer. When you select an article, GNUS puts the Article buffer on the screen and displays the article there.

If the Article buffer is not visible, it appears on the screen whenever you select an article for display. You can specify the height of the Article buffer as a fraction of the screen height by setting the variable gnus-window-configuration.

The Article buffer has a special major mode, Article mode. It provides these commands:

Scroll this window forward (gnus-article-next-page).

Scroll this window backward (gnus-article-prev-page).

Select another article by following a cross reference (gnus-article-refer-article). A cross reference is specified by a Message-ID included in the text of the article. Move point to a message ID before using this command.

Return to the previous article from the referenced article (gnus-article-pop-article).

Reconfigure Emacs windows to show the Summary buffer above the Article buffer and select the Summary buffer (gnus-article-show-summary). The occasion to use this is when you have been editing a message to send or article to post.

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