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AFS Information

Updated: 25 Sep 2008

AFS is a distributed file system that uses caching to increase performance and strong authenication using Kerberos, which makes it suitable for sharing files both on the SLAC site and across the internet to other sites. It is the only filesystem that has strong enough security to be used across the SLAC firewall. SLAC maintains all home directory and most group space in AFS space.

AFS Documents and Other Information

AFS Guide "SLAC AFS Users' Guide" by Bob Cook and Ilse Vinson. The place to get started with AFS at SLAC.
Quota Request Form to request an increase in AFS disk quota or several types of new volumes.
OpenAFS Current home of the AFS project, which was open-sourced by IBM.
OpenAFS Documentation Documentation page at the OpenAFS Project's Web site.

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